Sunday, 17 April 2011

Feature Walls


I know that feature wallpaper has been the must have thing for a while now and everyday i get asked to help someone find the perfect wallpaper or paint colour for just ONE wall! Now i'm not suggesting that everyone who has just one wall of colour or just a splash of there favourite wallpaper has no taste, but i HATE, HATE, HATE it! It's seems like such a cop-out, if you like something be brave and have it everywhere i say. You can never have too much of a good thing! I do think my hatred also has something to do with living in rented houses and student accommodation for a fair few years. It does seem like you cant walk into a student home without finding magnolia walls everywhere with just one crimson wall, YUCK! 

Why not have wallpaper on every wall, why did it suddenly become so daring to wallpaper all your walls in the same paper, or paint all you walls a beautiful exotic colour!

Some great ideas:
Why Not paint strips on your wall instead of papering them, not only is it cheaper but it is also so much easier to cover up when you want something different.

Use your favourite wallpaper somewhere different like around your fireplace.

If your fortunate enough to have incredible character features in your home then why not make them stand out by papering them or painting the wood work a different colour. If you don't, why not create some character yourself with some dado rail from your local DIY store and create frames on your walls which you can then paper with your favourite wallpaper or just paint with a contrasting colour.


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