Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I'm Back

Hello fellow bloggers i have been gone and i missed you!
Well i am currently sitting on my beautiful new sofa in my wonderful new living room in my FANTASTIC new flat that i am finally in! Sorry i have been gone so long i only just got my internet up and running.
Well like i said i'm in my flat and have already started doing it up, even doing the grouting in my bathroom myself! In this post though i did want to have a little rant about to things very close to my heart Fabric and antiques.

I love love love remnant bins, if you have never had a good rummage in a fabric remnant bin then you are seriously missing out. You bargain hunters out there are the ones who will really love it, you can get the most beautiful fabrics for next to nothing. Most fabric stores should have a remnant bin and all the big department store that have furnishing fabrics or a haberdashery department will have one, places like John Lewis.

I went to Newark far last month and absolutely loved it! I managed to pick up all sorts of things from jelly moulds for a £ to the most beautiful chairs at only £50 for the pair!!! I really am going to try and make a habit out of it. If any one knows of any other good fairs please let me know.
IACF host the Newark fair along with fairs all round the country,